5 expert tips to create efficient online presence - how to prepare your customer service team for social distancing

March 23, 2020
Nethalie Karunaratne

Whether you’re hoarding toilet paper, self-isolating on reddit or preparing yourself for the Coronavirus outbreak dooms-day-style, making sure you and your team are prepared for social distancing should be the number one priority for your business.

In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) have disclosed limits on organised gatherings until further notice.

One by one, businesses are pledging their commitment to fighting COVID-19 through ongoing social distancing and encouraged online interaction.

With working from home now to become the norm, the need for efficient online customer service has never been more important.

The spread of the Coronavirus has impacted the way that we work, interact and shop, and with online shopping to now become the preferred method of purchasing goods, consumers are looking to businesses to provide better service online.

Knowing where to start can be a challenge for many companies so here are our tips on what you can do to improve your team's digital presence;

1Messaging that matters   

Be involved in conversation with your target audience to create brand loyalty and awareness. Be present and aware of what your audience needs, wants and expects from you as a business in order to cater for them.

2. Build out a messenger bot    

Creating a bot that aligns with your brand’s tone of voice and is there to answer your customers frequently asked questions will help simplify your audiences online experience. Prepare your customer service team to effectively and efficiently utilise this service as they continue to facilitate quality service for your customers.

3. Developing an online team

Build a team that is dedicated to providing support and assistance to your customers. Make sure they are equipped to answer your customer enquiries in a timely manner, providing them with the same standard of service they would receive if they were to come to your physical store.

4. Understand wants and needs    

Ensure you’re listening to what your customers want and assessing their needs and concerns. A highly responsive customer service team will develop brand loyalty among your audience, who will continue to support your business because they feel valued and appreciated.

5. And finally, utilise feedback!    

Don’t ignore negative feedback. Let your customers express how they feel, listen to them and offer a solution. Understand that as an online customer, they are more likely to be frustrated that they can’t simply walk into your store and return or exchange an item.

For many, this will be a new and potentially challenging time to navigate the best way to move forward with a business.

No Standing Digital are prepared and dedicated to answering any questions to help make your transition to online easier. Contact us to find out more.



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