Bag Raiders


Bag Raiders are iconic Aussie dance legends and were launching a new studio album entitled 'Horizons' and needed merch to accompany its release. We were approached by their booking Agency, UNDR CNTRL, who are good mates of No Standing.

Key Takeaways


Increase in Exposure


Increase in Album Sales


Customer Satisfaction

What We DID

Created Design Pitch

Product Development

Artwork Handling




The Challenge

The turnaround was quick, so we needed to be smart with what we could do and how we should approach it. The guys had quirky artwork that they were using for the album; lots of fun motifs and bright colours and they were eager to incorporate this to the merch.


Strategic Thinking

This is where the option of using blank No Standing product that we already have in stock really became useful - we can print/embroider/re-label the blanks - and save loads of time doing this - so we can achieve the deadlines for these last minute jobs.



Something New

We never like to offer the 'standard' merch run - we really want to offer something new. So, we pulled pieces and colours out of their album art and re-purposed them across tees, totes and hats.

Above all, the merch really needed to reflect that fun,party vibe.


Bag Raiders received significantly increased exposure across their target market, with merch that complimented their album and boosted sales throughout the forthcoming months.


Increase in Exposure


Increase in Album Sales


Customer Satisfaction
“No Standing have helped Knomo achieve further global recognition in managing our launch into the Australian market. Since working with the team, they have helped to build a seamless relationship between our global and local channels, with insightful reporting provided throughout.”
Mark Duckworth
Head of Global Sales, Knomo
“The team from No Standing were instrumental in working with JBL and Harman Kardon during the transition to our new business model”
Marcus Fry
Managing Director Australia, Harmon International
"We were sick of the same old cheap and nasty promotional merch. Richy helped us get up-to-date and develop clothing items that our target market would be happy to wear."
Alex Bottomley
Marketing Director, Coors Australia.