Hustle Boxing


There was a new Hustle Boxing gym opening in Potts Point, Sydney; and we were called upon to assist with brand management and marketing.

Key Takeaways


Positive Customer Feedback


Increase in Engagement


Client Satisfaction

What We DID


Design Process

Product/Trim Development

Sample Fittings



The Challenge

Hustle Boxing wanted to launch with gym merch, but they wanted to do it properly. They wanted a full collection designed from the ground up - including trims, customer shapes and fabrics, needing everything to be just right.


Success Driven

The ultimate plan was to make Hustle Boxing Apparel its own brand, with ongoing collections, drops and development. This gave us scope to be creative and run with it.


Strategic Execution

We worked closely with the guys to make sure everything was executed to their standard.

Fortunately, the No Standing team had a background in men’sand women’s active-wear, so we knew which pieces they needed for launch, which pieces would sell, and how to execute them.


The gym had only been open for a couple of months and is pumping - we are working on the second collection now. More importantly, the merch is being worn by clientele, building more brand awareness for the gym around Sydney.


Positive Customer Feedback


Increase in Engagement


Client Satisfaction
“No Standing have helped Knomo achieve further global recognition in managing our launch into the Australian market. Since working with the team, they have helped to build a seamless relationship between our global and local channels, with insightful reporting provided throughout.”
Mark Duckworth
Head of Global Sales, Knomo
“The team from No Standing were instrumental in working with JBL and Harman Kardon during the transition to our new business model”
Marcus Fry
Managing Director Australia, Harmon International
"We were sick of the same old cheap and nasty promotional merch. Richy helped us get up-to-date and develop clothing items that our target market would be happy to wear."
Alex Bottomley
Marketing Director, Coors Australia.