We were asked to help launch a popular US brand in the Australian market and enable ongoing retail relationships. We launched 'Speck AU' with Aussie consumers in mind, taking content that was created for alternative audiences and repurposing it in a relevant way was a key focus during launch.

Key Takeaways


Increase in sales

What We DID

Digital Strategy

Content Management

Influencer Management

Social Advertising

Retail Partnership Management

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

The Challenge

Connecting Speck with Australian consumers. Without a localised, Australian website, we had to find the best way to drive online sales within Aus. Choosing the right retail partner was imperative.


Localising Content

When launching the localised Speck channels, our primary focus was placed upon integrating available content in a culturally-relevant way. Australian audiences responded well to the use of colloquial terms and phrases, as well as reference to relevant seasonal events and trends.


Giving Back

In order to quickly grow Speck AU's follower base within Australia, we rewarded our new fans by hosting contests & giveaways, where users had the chance to win their own case thanks to Speck. Entry mechanics focused around sharing posts and tagging friends helped to expand reach and engagement, exposing Speck AU to a wide audience in a short time frame.


In strategically driving all digital traffic to the branded Speck landing page, we were able to elevate Harvey Norman's online store to the number 1 Speck retail store, Australia-wide. Due to the proven success at launch, No Standing has now taken full autonomy of the Australian social channels, with a comprehensive localised strategy, content creation, advertising, and social media management.


Increase in sales

“No Standing have helped Knomo achieve further global recognition in managing our launch into the Australian market. Since working with the team, they have helped to build a seamless relationship between our global and local channels, with insightful reporting provided throughout.”
Mark Duckworth
Head of Global Sales, Knomo
“The team from No Standing were instrumental in working with JBL and Harman Kardon during the transition to our new business model”
Marcus Fry
Managing Director Australia, Harmon International
"We were sick of the same old cheap and nasty promotional merch. Richy helped us get up-to-date and develop clothing items that our target market would be happy to wear."
Alex Bottomley
Marketing Director, Coors Australia.